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Hooked 06:03
Self Hate You Found Out You're all alone It's you fault Painless When all high Demonic Visions Evil Eye Oh! You Give In - You Follow ...Dope Wrong Way Cul-de-Sac You Know You're Wrong So What Same Shit Different Pile You Said You Broke Free What A Lie Oh! You Give In - You Follow ...Dope And You Run You Run Hooked Forever Cursed Hooked Same Shit!!! Hooked!!!
Reverb Deep 10:03
Dopium Money Stole Your Spirit All For Nothing But Endless Guilt You Sleep Where You Been Shitting Down In Reverb Deep Where You Been Hiding Sweet Devil You'll Reap What You Been Sowing Down In Reverb Deep You're Way Too Weak The Demon Feeds It's Way Too Late There's No Escape You're Fucked You'll Weep Where You Been Sleeping Down In Reverb Deep Where No One's Watching The Great Eye Sees Your Lies And Doings Down In Reverb Deep
Storm Reefer 07:41
All Night Storm Reefer Inhale - Release Storm Reefer Ignite - Repeat Storm Reefer Burning Against Strong Winds Elevation... In Smoke Old Lungs Get So Cold Burning Colour Echoes Choke No One Wants To Dwell But They Won't Go Till It's Dead Storm Reefer Inhale - Release Storm Reefer Ignite - Repeat Storm Reefer Oh Lord... I Can't Breath Burning Against Strong Winds Elevation... In Smoke Old Lungs Get So Fucking Cold Burning Colour Echoes Choke No One Wants To Dwell But They Won't Go Till It's Dead
Way Up... Left Out Hell... Like You Don't Know Pain... Until It Snows Way Down... Passed Out Yeah! Still Awake - Never Sleep Still Awake - Never Learn The Devil's Dandruff Way Up... Left Out Yeah! Still Awake - Never Sleep Still Awake - Never Learn The Devil's Dandruff The Devil's Dandruff Still Awake - Never Sleep Still Awake - Never Learn
Cult Leader 09:20
I... Ain't Got No Name I'll... Get Rid Of Your Pain They All Gonna Think You've Gone Insane You're way... Way Down In My Game Drink - Till You Drop My Kool-Aid's Messed Up - You Won't Mind You'll Die With A Smile - You Won't Be Missed You're Better Off Dead - So Be It Cult Leader


-100% D.I.Y.-

"The distortion powered sledgehammer is back in full form on “III”. For the uninitiated, Dopethrone play the classic kind of sludge. Evil as Satan himself, dripping blood and black bile, while it claws at your flesh from within a cloud of weed smoke and burning homes.
If anything “III” hits harder than “Dark Foil”. The riffs are monumental monsters of distortion and grime, the buzz of a thousand hornets inside an empty skull. These are riffs with presence, you don’t just hear them, you feel them reverberate down your bones. The louder you can listen to this album, the better, as the sound just improves each decibel you increase. While the riffs lead the charge, the crushing grooves provided by the drums and bass hold their own in generating these soul crushing sounds. Everything sounds on point, with everything mixed to perfection. Even with a bottom end so heavy it snaps necks like twigs, you never loose any of the other instruments in the melee. It’s even more impressive considering this is an entirely DIY effort. No bells and whistles here, these guys do work."

"Just like bluesman pioneer Robert Johnson, Dopethrone must’ve made a deal with the Devil to attain the supremely evil sound of its uninventively titled third album. The Montreal trio wallows in smoke, demons, death, the occult and enough psychotropic drugs to send both Hunter S. Thomspson and William Burroughs on one hell of a trip on these five songs, entrenching 37 heavy minutes with exploitation film samples, malevolent growls and gritty, slow-burning blues-infused metal grooves. There ain’t no such thing as too much headbanging with fast, addictive joints such as ‘’The Devil’s Dandruff’’ and the mighty ‘’Reverb Deep’’. Bow down before Dopethrone’s altar and be forever doomed. 4/5"

"Hold your bongs high!
Now bow down to the almighty DOPETHRONE,
whose new album III is a fucking blackened, resinated classic.
You will know when you hear this album that it was created by punks worshipping at the altar of Sabbath while reaching for the moon with the hands of Darkthrone. What’s a trip about this band is that, yes, they play doom, but there's something very uplifting about this record. I know that for a fact, because whenever I blast it for my 14-month-old daughter, she starts spazzing out and head banging."

"The fact that these guys are Weedeater’s and Electric Wizard’s hidden sons, is now a thing no one can ignore anymore. Dopethrone has a supernatural groove, a seductive devilish power combined to a chronic penchant to throw absinth on the flammes whenever they have the opportunity to do so. “III” arouses evil even more than its predecessor, and we would definitely delight ourselves with the least growl, the least cymbal impact, the least feedback produced by Vince and his friends. As always, we feel like we were invited to join a voodoo ritual by the Canadians, and that they would do anything possible to drag us out of the depressing conformity that is so characteristic of our modern world. DOPETHRONE is already supreme, now they’re about to become legendary…"

"Imagine if Eyehategod worshipped black metal and intravenously injected Electric Wizard‘s chunkiness. That’s what you can expect from Dopethrone‘s third offering III."

"Since Dopethrone’s first release in 2009, the band gives an excellent reason for metalheads and rockers to study, heretically, doom and sludge metal. On August, Dopethrone released ‘III’, a strong LP, totally giving lessons to all doom rockers all over the world about how the old-school sounds. Mixing groovy and evil riffs, songs are filled with blues-rooting guitar solos. The lyrics are mostly about drug use and inner darkness, performed greatly by the band’s vocalist and guitarist.
Groovier and more electric than ever, Dopethrone’s third album comes to be worshiped and to become a vital example for the newcomers."

"The riffs and vocals are as bleak as a bad acid trip.
But what a fucking ride. It's a ride you want to take over and over again.
They have released their best album to date with III. A 5 song and 36 minute bruising encounter going throw the dark world of that horrible thing called THE OCCULT and DRUGS. And to their credit, Dopethrone have released their most defining work to date. And another contender for album of the year."

"DOPETHRONE have a masters degree in the science of the riff and as expected the new album is full of hooks. III establishes them as one of the major players in the scene of classic Sludge. And when I speak of classic Sludge I mean textbook-classic Sludge. Fans of EYEHATEGOD, WEEDEATER or any southern Sludge band will have some really good reasons to be happy. There is nothing sweet, elegant, psychedelic, trippy, or “whatever” with this band. DOPETHRONE is all about jaw breaking aggressiveness and filth from start to finish."

"These Montreal fuzz-stranglers are the highest, darkest, and nastiest bastards to be putting their mark on the genre right now.
III is powerful, violent, evil, and brain-splitting heavy.
Signature Dopethrone, unequivocal doom."

"Who said that Sludge cannot have some of CATHEDRAL’s dancing grooves, of ELECTRIC WIZARD’s dynamics or ACID WITCH’s cinematic cultism? In this interesting blend you can also add some of WEEDEATER’s putrescence or BONGZILLA’s trip Southern-style and you got it: ladies and gentlemen, here is Montreal, Quebec’s pride, DOPETHRONE. The sore throaty vocals, the catchy heavy riffage and the crushing drums are enough to satisfy my old-school Sludge thirst that even the dirt of Mississippi could not quench."


released August 12, 2012

Recorded in April 2012 in Montreal by Thomas Polychuck.
Mastered in June 2012 by Jean-Baptiste Joubaud.
Music and lyrics composed by Vincent Houde.*
Album design and CD layout by Alexandre Thibault.
Logo and art direction by Vincent Houde.

Vince - Riff / Vocals
Vyk - Bass
Borman - Drums

*Lyrics on Storm Reefer by Justin Dunlop & Vincent Houde
*Back vocals on Cult Leader by Vyk.


This album is dedicated to Georges Farrese - R.I.P.



all rights reserved



DOPETHRONE Montréal, Québec

Slutch from Hochelaga, Montréal, Canada

booking : dopethrone.booking@gmail.com

PR : purplesagepr@gmail.com

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